The Winstones

Sometime you will be in surprising stage that why the developer of any thing would have thought to develop and design that one. I was in Australia for the purpose of business, during the day it was easy to pass off the day but after dark it was very hard for me. Sometimes I visited the casino but going to the place after the tiring day was not possible for me. So I asked my brother for any game which can be trusted. He suggested me to go for the play of The Winstones. I made the search of the entitled one and was surprised to see the result. I made the full download of the app and taken admission in the school of gambling. It was the entertaining one for me lying all alone in the hotel room which made me feel as if there was some band of drum which was making me to feel happy.

The Winstones is a five reel play with 30-lines which offers many levels of play to win. The main object of this one is match the symbols in the active reels from left to right. For many of the symbols you will have to match three of the same kind and for some you will have to match at least two same icons concurrently.

There are collections of wild and scattered symbols which are all over the screen which are very funny and interesting. After returning to home I also go for the ride of the pokie world and get many suggestions from my father about the tricks and strategy of the gambling.

The funniest symbols which I liked in this one is the logo of the wild symbol of dinosaur that is holding some stack of casino chips which can lead you to win the most. If you have any spare time then you should go for it.