The Fun of Lucky Eggsplorer Slots

Have you watched the movie Pirates of the Caribbean? I think you surely watched that movie and the character of jack sparrow acted by Johnny Depp are mostly loved by the audience. There are four parts of that movie and in every part they went on a voyage of exploring many wonderful things.

There is lots of money used for the production of this movie and they earned a lot from it. I will not go in deep about it but after watching that movie we all fantasied for the similar kind of voyage where, there is the thrill, fun, excitement and full of action. Of course, that is just a movie it is not possible to fulfil in real life. There are many other movies released with a concept of a treasure hunt, but this is on top of all. I just loved watching all its parts again and again.

I always wanted to go on a voyage of treasure hunt where I have to hunt the treasure by using some clues and the map which took me to the treasure. But, this is just a dream, which is not possible in the reality. But the casino is a place which is not less than a treasure hunt, here if you are lucky you can hit at a very big cash amount which will not less than a treasure for you.

I am a regular pokies player. I am not a professional in it but playing this is my favourite time pass. So, one sunny day I was trying my hands on these. I was playing various games and sometimes winning and sometimes losing the cash. When I was playing an advertisement appeared on the side of the web page. That was of a newly started game named as Lucky Eggsplorer.

I finished my chance and after that clicked on that advertisement in the enthusiasm of something new. When I reached on that page and read the information wrote beneath the page my dream of treasure hunt started revolving in front of my eyes. That one was similar to the treasure hunting.

In fact theme of it was based on the same motto. The symbols were also showing the same things that you have to hunt a lost treasure by using a secret map and following some clues. The payout was also showing the same thing, you will get 20 times your money after winning. It was very simple to play that so I also tried my hands on it. And would you believe in my first spin I activated the bonus round because 4 treasure maps appeared on the reels. I lost that round and next time was not able to reach there, but I got full thrill and enjoyment which I never forget.