Spin Palace (UPDATE: The new name is now Spin Casino)


Online casino is arguably the height of the online gaming industry. We at Spin Palace Casino got you sorted. Thanks to our casino platform that includes top-notch casino games, numerous promotions, imaginative player incentive and amazing cash winning possibilities, we guarantee ours and visitors nothing short of quality and enriching entertainment. At Spin Palace Casino Casino our main objective is to provide our players with the very best services we can offer and it is for this reason that we have opened amazing and endless possibilities for our players. Note, even with no money, we still have made it possible for you to enjoy our games as you can play them in practice mode. When you are ready to make cash out of our game, we’ve still made it very possible and easy for you through our many available banking options at are very safe and secure. In addition to this, we have ensured that you are able to play your games and casino while on the go. Besides the PC based games, you have access to over 400 mobile games and casino options at your disposal not forgetting our ultimate gaming experience- Spin Palace Live Casino!
Online Casino Games At Spin Palace

It goes without saying, we are the best at what we do, a commitment that has been made possible thanks to our gaming partners, Microgaming. Thanks to this platform, we have been able to design games that have gone to win awards and build a reputation for ourselves. What to test us out? Join our gaming team by opening a Spin Palace Online Casino Account then choose either our Real Casino Games Play or Free Casino Games Play and attest to enjoy our excellent games.
Difference Between Free Casino Games & Real Casino Games Play

At Spin Palace Casino we don’t want to leave anybody out of the game fun and it is for these reasons that we have created Free Casino Games and Real Casino Games Play. Free Casino also knew a practice play you get to open a new online casino account and play all the game in the Spin Palace Casino platform with the exception of multiplayer games and progressive games using the Free casino credit offered by Spin Palace. Note when playing in the practice mode, no matter what your winnings are you can never cash out.
Real play, on the other hand, is where you get the opportunity to make good money. The first advantage of this game mode is the amazing signup bonus you get when you open up this account. Secondly, you have the opportunity to make amazing cash opportunities on the different casino games you play. Sign up for a real play account and make smile your way to the bank.
The Spin Palace Casino Games Collection

Spin Palace GameSpin Palace Casino is not the only online gaming platform that offers opportunities to cash out heavily however, it’s a platform developed by Micro gaming. If you are an avid online gaming you know by now that micro gaming is the premier online and more so casino game provider. Through the partnership of Micro gaming, we at Spin Palace Casino are able to offer a number of games including:
Online Slots

These are most definitely some of the best and most popular games Spin Palace Casino offers. The package includes games such a video slots, classic slots, pub fruit machines online pokies offered in New Zealand, progressive slots and themed slots to name but a few.
Online Blackjack

Poker is definitely the most played card game in the casino world. Second to it is the Blackjack game. Thank Micro Gaming, you get to enjoy all Online Blackjack game you can ever imagine.
Online Video Poker

One first designed and developed casino games to come out were the Video Poker. Thanks to this, this game has drastically advanced with every passing day. Don’t be left out, join the huge digital card game community enjoying this game on our platform.
Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of those games you will fall in love with the moment you start playing it. In addition to being fun, this game requires a bit of skill and luck to pull through. Baccarat was made popular after a famous British spy played it. I would recommend you to first read about the game before you start playing it.
Online Roulette

Online Roulette is no different from the offline counterpart. If you are truly into the excitement and experience of casino table games then Online Roulette should be the game to go for. This game comes with simple and easy to play instructions.
Enjoy Unlimited Casino Games

Enjoy Spin Palace CasinoSpin Palace Casino is no ordinary online casino. With the more than 400 amazing online games on our platform, we guarantee nothing short of an amazing online experience. All you need to do in order to enjoy these amazing benefits is to sign up for an account and you are good to go. Inasmuch as the numerous gaming options is one of our many benefits, you haven’t tried our games out yet! We offer our games in excellent graphics thus delivering our games almost like the real stuff. Sign up and start enjoying all this!
The Spin Palace Casino Experience

If you are planning to make Spin Palace Casino home there are a number of things you to know that will make you fall in love with our amazing experience. I won’t overemphasize on the fact that you will be able to find a number of amazing casino games on this platform. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy amazing bonuses such a top up on your first deposit, casino bonuses and free spins among others. We have our online games on the mobile platform. The ability to transcend our games to the Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Android and the windows phone platforms has earned us a huge following.
Spin Palace Online Casino Review

After playing on a number of different online casino platform, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no better online casino than Spin Palace. For as long as 2001, Spin Palace has been positively impacted the online gaming industry with new gold standards more so for the New Zealand pokies fans.
If you are still wondering why Spin Palace commands the great reputation it has the industry, you are just about to find out. When you sign up for Spin Palace real account one of the first things you will be welcomed with is a bonus on your first deposit. In addition to this, the many online pokies provide you a great opportunity to make huge money. The website has a simple interface one that you will be able to navigate with much ease. Not forgetting the game’s graphics, you will never get such graphics in the industry. Now that you know, why don’t you make Spin Palace your next destination for your online pokies!