Last week it was my friend’s birthday. So my other friends and I decided to give him a surprise. So we make our team and each member have assigned a work. We decided to arrange the party in a park. We surprised him with our plan. We did a photography session. We enjoyed a lot with music and dancing. It was the memorable day for us. We enjoyed there about five hours. After the party, we come back to home. Nobody was at home. My daddy and mom went for a marriage party. I was getting bored at home so I decided to enjoy fun on internet. I found so many options there to enjoy. From the long list, I found a fun which is so attractive. It is a strategic type fun. I like most this type of fun. Also, it is free to play online. That is why it catches my attenuation to play it.

First I decided to watch its reviews. And as I guess it has a lot of hits. It is very easy to play lions pride. It has adventure based theme. So through the whole play you will enjoy a lot. In this, you have to find out the correct way to reach the destination. You can choose the options from its given menu. When I started it I found many symbols here which helps in winning. I found the wild symbol logo that gives the maximum bonus points. If there is a right combination of wild symbols on the reels you can win the jackpot. I tried for the jackpot but at that time I did not get success. But I won bonus points and some coins. And as the play was proceeding, my excitement started increasing for playing it more. Really it is the best one for me I have played ever in my life.

Now lions pride has become my fun friend in my boring time. I always play it when I get free time. I have shared this to my friends too on Facebook. They played it very well. And they praised me for giving such a game. Sometimes we collect a place and play lions pride. We enjoyed a lot. This gives us fun and a lot of prizes. It’s background sound catch attention of the player. So if you are bored with your work, enjoy it. I am sure you will forget to play any other.